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Driven hunt: around 100 animals shot


Around 100 animals were shot during a five-day driven hunt on three farms near Alldays last week. Thirteen European hunters were involved in the hunt that caused a media frenzy, with groups for and against the hunt. Observers from the National Council of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) obtained a warrant to observe the hunt for four days. The Green Scorpions also observed what went on.
Predictions of a mass slaughter did not materialise while 83 chasers reportedly drove the animals into a funnel where hunters waited on specially built platforms to shoot the animals. The hunters in the end were taken to another area where the warrants issued were not valid, but observers could see from the road how the chasers operated, according to Ainslee Hay, NSPCA spokesperson on the hunt’s Facebook page.
The Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism’s Spokesperson Simon Matome could find no fault with the hunt and said it was legal, the hunters were licenced and all was above board. Carcasses were taken to the abattoir and hunters received their trophies.
The South African Hunters Confederation (Chasa) Chairperson, Stephen Palos in a press release said driven hunting does indeed occur in a number of biomes and for a number of species both in South Africa and globally. He said reporting did contain elements of sensationalism or emotionalism which Chasa believes is perhaps a consequence of the drafters thereof having no proper knowledge of hunting methods generally but said that in this specific instance, in this biome and for the likely species, it is not a normal hunting method.
“We, together with other stakeholders in the greater hunting and wildlife domain, stand ready to offer our experience and assistance to these new entrants to this exciting and sustainable business, to help ensure their marketing and methods of hunting are done in a manner that is good for the wildlife, the country and their own profitability.”
Hay said it does not matter if one or 100 animals were shot, it was unacceptable and unethical.

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