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The body of an employee covered with a blanket. He was allegedly shot twice on the premises of a business in Lood Street on Tuesday morning.

Double killing at business shocks


What sounded like stones being thrown onto the roof turned out to be the cold blooded killing of a security guard and an employee at a business in Lood Street, Futura early Tuesday morning.
The scene was cordoned off as Police and forensic officials conducted investigations while employees of nearby businesses and bystanders gathered and looked on.
Speculation by those on the scene as to what led to the shooting included that a perpetrator had confronted the security guard in the guard room at the entrance gate, disarmed and shot him with his own service pistol before continuing to the ablution facilities at the back of the site where an employee was encountered and also shot. The second victim succumbed to his injuries, reportedly from two gunshot wounds in the chest, just outside the facility.

Police officers and forensic investigators on the scene.

Others however alleged that the security guard had seemingly shot and killed the employee before turning the gun on himself.
It was, according to information, also mentioned on the scene that the employee the previous day claimed that someone was going to kill him.
An employee of one of the neighbouring businesses indicated on the scene that he sleeps on the premises next door and that he thought someone was throwing stones onto the roof between 05:00 and 06:00.
He only realised what was really going on later when the two bodies were discovered .
The security guard’s firearm was allegedly found under his chair in the guard room.
Provincial Police Communications Head Motlafela Mojapelo stated that the Police in Westenburg were investigating two cases of murder after a security guard was shot dead in a guard room and an employee found dead with a bullet wound.
He confirmed that the guard’s service pistol as well as his cell phone was found next to his body. He added that the security guard reported for duty at 05:00.
The motive for the killing is not yet known and investigations are continuing.

Story/photos: RC Myburgh
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Police cordon off Lood Street where the double killing took place.