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Dept mourns deaths of two officials


Senior management at the Department of Transport and Community Safety were expected to meet with the families of two of its officials who allegedly collapsed and died at their respective work stations on Friday.
At the time of going to print, the outcomes of the meeting planned for Tuesday and the contact details of the families were still being awaited. Earlier, departmental spokesperson Joel Seabi indicated that one of the deceased had been employed in the MEC’s office while the other was stationed at the Police garage in Ladanna.
Seabi stated both had collapsed while at work and were certified dead by the paramedics on the scene. The cause of death was still unknown in both cases were still unknown.
Seabi requested that the two families should be given time to come to terms with the incidents. He said: “The department is still in shock and officials were released from work early on the day of the incidents. We are still shocked and it is not easy to accept that the department had lost two work force members at almost the same time.”
Seabi added that more details would be issued in due course after all has been sorted with the two affected families. He concluded by saying the department would assist the families where necessary as he send the department’s deepest condolences to the affected families.

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