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Demonic game irks parents


A parent last week had to take her child to a doctor who, in turn, suggested psychiatric treatment following the playing of a game “Charlie Charlie”, alleged to be of demonic origin, at Flora Park Comprehensive School in Polokwane last week.
The child was not directly involved in the playing of the game but was traumatised and extremely scared due to stories he had heard about incidents happening and also seeing a boy choked as if being throttled by the demonic “Charlie”. The nine year-old learner refused to go back to school and did not sleep for three nights. He was afraid that he might also be targeted in the game, and would die. The parent had to take leave from work to look after the child.
The parent felt that the school should have sent SMSs and informed parents about the incidents that happened at school, and that the principal should have dealt stronger with children involved in playing the game. The parent also felt that, had they been informed, they could have educated their children and prevented a lot of negative results.
The children were allegedly playing the game in class while their teachers were absent.
The child told Polokwane Observer that last Wednesday three boys came to a class at his school and played the game by putting two pencils across on a paper marked with the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’. “Charlie” is then called upon and a question asked, upon which the pencils allegedly then, out of their own volition, moved to indicate the answer.
“Charlie” was in one instance asked if a certain boy should be killed, and upon the answer being shown as “yes” the boy ran away, collapsed and feinted after seemingly being choked.
The child claimed the boy’s parents were called to collect him from school. Some educators also called on the boys to show them how the game was played. The pencil then allegedly, according to the child, out of its own volition rose up in the air.
Once another educator began to pray, the pencil reportedly went down and would not rise again.
Another boy was allegedly tripped and held down by the demon and a boy testified how he saw “Charlie” threw himself into the boy’s body. When the boy woke up his eyes apparently were red. “Charlie” is reportedly half-boy, half-girl.
“The school should have informed us as parents and should not have turned a blind eye. A tiny child cannot understand these things and I expect teachers to be there for my child and protect him from such things if I am not there to do it,” the parent said.
Vice-principal, Edwin Masenya said no complaints have been received at the office, and nothing was done to the children. “As such I cannot comment on the issue.”
When phoning the principal, she refused to talk to Polokwane Observer and referred the newspaper to the Department of Education.
Naledzani Rasila, Head of Communications at the Department of Education said he was not aware of the game being played and would definitely read up more about it.
He requested teachers to report incidents to the department, who would then find out ways to deal with the issue. “This is not part of our learning and teaching,” he said.
In another recent incident a learner was suspended and then expelled from a school in the city for playing the game after the learners had been prohibited to do so. The principal of the particular school said such incidents go directly against the ethos and character of their school and the learners were warned not to engage in the game. The principal said a pencil reportedly broke on its own during a game played by the learner. The principlal but would not elaborate further about what happened.
Articles on the Internet report the the playing of the game to have been forbidden at many schools already.

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Photo: An image of the pencils used playing the game Charlie Charlie.