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Claims of xenophobic attacks in Lebowakgomo


Residents from Makurung Village outside Lebowakgomo were since Tuesday allegedly engaged in action to chase all foreigners from the area.
Yesterday (Wednesday) Lebowakgomo Police Spokesperson, Manong Tshehla confirmed that the situation of locals forcing foreign nationals out of the village was continuing.
It is alleged that foreign nationals, including a number of traders, were forced to move to neighbouring villages for safety as locals ransacked their homes and businesses after accusing them of stealing locals’ belongings.
It is alleged that several homes and shops were looted since Tuesday and that a Zimbabwean resident had to leave his wife and children behind and flee for safety after his house was vandalised.
Tshehla said attacks on foreigners loomed in the area since Sunday. A community meeting on Tuesday resolved that all foreigners should leave the village. Locals started moving from house to house warning foreigners and telling them to vacate the village. Several houses were damaged and foreigners’ clothes were stacked outside and set alight, according to Tshehla.
No arrests have been made yet.

Story: RC Myburgh
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