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China City relocates to Ladanna in August


China City will be closed as from 15 August as the stores will be relocating.
Henry Chen, the Manager of China City, said the relocation will officially start on 28 August.
“We will move most of the shops to our new premises at 1 Witklip Street, and maintain as many categories of commodities as possible. We will then be situated closer to town, and it will be easy for our loyal supporters to visit us, as there is sufficient parking space. We will continue to be at your service as always.”
Chen said they had occupied the current premises adjacent the N1 for seven years, but the current zoning of the premises is for industrial industrial purposes, whereas the new premises are commercially zoned.
The new site will also have 24-hour security, and thus provide a safe shopping experience, he added.
David Rosmarin, Joint CEO of Investec Property, the owners of the current land where China City operates from, indicated that the land was zoned for wholesale, and that they were in consultation with a logistics group that has shown an interest in leasing the property.

Story: Nelie Erasmus