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CDM Executive Mayor John Mpe addresses guests at the IDP Representative Forum.

CDM unpacks District Coordinated Development Model


Capricorn District Municipality (CDM) hosted a special Integrated Development Plan (IDP) Representative Forum meeting at Bolivia Estate on Monday to inform stakeholders of the District Coordinated Development Model.
CDM Executive Mayor John Mpe took the stage and explained that the model that is based on ‘One Plan; One Budget; One Approach’ is one of the outcomes of the President’s 2019 budget speech wherein he alluded to the need to do away with a fragmented approach to development. “Therefore we are called upon to ensure that we bring to life the aspirations of ‘The people shall govern’, bring government closer to the people through the district with the support of provincial and national government, so as to enhance development and cooperative governance at all spheres and deliver cohesive, vibrant and safe communities,” Mpe said and added that all developmental initiatives should be seen through the local lens to ensure coherent planning, budgeting and implementation of service delivery projects.
Mpe said that the main objectives of the model are to manage rural/urban migration as well as sustainable growth and development, determining and/or supporting local economic drivers and determining and managing spatial reform, land release and land development. Other objectives are the determination of infrastructure investment requirements and to ensure long-term infrastructure adequacy to support integrated human settlements, economic activity and provision of basic services as well as community and social services. The model also aims to institutionalise long-term planning while addressing burning short-term issues.
Mpe said that the 44 district as well as the eight metropolitan municipalities in the country can be the strategic alignment platforms for all three spheres of government where one plan for each space guides and directs all strategic investments and projects for transparent accountability.

Story and photos: BARRY VILJOEN
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CDM acting IDP Manager Stanley Phahladira and Speaker Monica Mohale listen to the presentations at the IDP Representative Forum.