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Nokuthula Prosperity Mazibuko-Karelse recently published her third book. Photo: Supplied

CDM Muni Manager more than just an administrator


Capricorn District Municipality (CDM) Municipal Manager Nokuthula Mazibuko-Karelse is not only at the helm of Limpopo’s best performing municipality during the 2018/19 financial year, but also an author who recently published her third book under the title ‘When divorce lands’.
When this energetic leader is not busy with her daily task, she devotes her time teaching the Word of God and is fulfilled by it. She is a reputable speaker who has graced several Christian believers’ gatherings to teach and give hope to those who find themselves losing hope whilst going through the storm of divorce. She is the founder of Ride On It Agency, an organisation grounded on Biblical principles, believing in Jesus Christ as Lord and triumphing by faith through prayer.
Mazibuko-Karelse is a qualified and registered Town and Regional Planner by profession and holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Pretoria as well as a qualification in Christian Counselling and Pastoral Care from the University of South Africa.
She worked for the Development Bank of Southern Africa as a Programme Manager from 2004 until 2012 and thereafter joined CDM as Executive Manager of the Planning Department for five years. It was no surprise when she was thereafter appointed as Municipal Manager, a position she still holds with distinction.
She is particularly proud of the fact that CDM obtained a clean audit outcome from the Auditor-General for the last financial year, which is the first achievement of its kind since CDM’s establishment and also being the only municipality in Limpopo to be found totally compliant.
Mazibuko-Karelse says that she wrote her latest book because she got tired of sitting in church at the edge of a chair like she must beg for a space to sit or beg for access through the door. “If I was bold walking in, it felt like I must still sit at the back and not be seen, as if divorce had disqualified me from being me,” Mazibuko-Karelse explained.
“I love God so much that I do not want divorce to deny me the fruits of divine fellowship with Him. It cannot be that divorce robs me physically, emotionally and again spiritually. God told me and showed me that He still loved me and that He was going to use me to tell you, divorced or not, that He loves you”.
“I do not want my pain to go to waste but it should come to good use by God through helping others. In this book, I have taught from my scars,” Mazibuko-Karelse said and explained that she was divorced from the same man twice and left with three children. “My life is a testimony that cannot be silenced. It is for this reason that I would like to challenge you to rise up if you have been divorced like me and begin to lead a fulfilled life,” she says.
“People are hurting because of divorce. Outside they are wearing expensive make-up, underneath their faces are sad. Outside they are wearing stilettos, in their innermost they are bare-footed. Outside they adorn themselves with expensive weaves, inward their hair is unkempt. Outside their lips shimmer with shining shades, inside their lips are shivering with pain, they are even biting on them. They smile and say goodnight and switch off the light but sleep never comes, only tears in their eyes in the darkness. They wake up in the morning and pick up the cover again”.
“It cannot be that divorce robs me physically, emotionally and again spiritually. I refuse!,” she concludes.
She is also the author of ‘I’m a witness God is God – Don’t die in your storm, Ride on it (testimonies of her life)’ and ‘Ride on it – The word in season (a nudge to your spirit).
Mazibuko-Karelse may be contacted on 078 120 9138 or e-mail: [email protected]

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