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Premier’s spokesperson Kenny Mathivha is on two months’ suspension after an earlier disciplinary hearing reportedly related to irregular travel claims. Photo: Archives

BREAKING NEWS – Premier’s spokesperson on two months suspension


Premier Stan Mathabatha’s spokesperson Kenny Mathivha has been suspended following a disciplinary hearing.
This was confirmed by the acting provincial government spokesperson, Mamogo Ntuli this morning (Monday). Ntuli stated that the Office of the Premier can confirm the suspension of Mathivha for two months starting from 1 November until the last day of the year. She further emphasised that he had gone through a formal disciplinary process chaired by an external chairperson. According to Ntuli, the office complied with recommendations of the disciplinary committee hence the suspension. It was learnt that Mathivha’s suspension relates to alleged irregular travel claims he submitted early in the year. At the time of publishin the story on the website, response was still awaited from Ntuli as to exactly when Mathivha was served with the suspension notice and whether he would be remunerated in full while being suspended.
National Education Health and Allied Workers Union Provincial Secretary Jacob Adams indicated that the union welcomed the suspension because it was long overdue. He said the hearing took place about four months ago and it was resolved that Mathivha should pay back the money and be subjected to suspension. Adams, however, stressed that it took Mathabatha many months to implement the resolutions although he pronounced when he took office that he would fight corruption.
“This is not a good indication of fighting corruption. Mathabatha should have acted immediately after the hearing process if he was really keen on fighting corruption. Mathivha was aware of the legislation in terms of travel claims but he decided to do otherwise. He paid back between R400 to R500. It doesn’t matter how little the money is. Corruption is corruption and perpetrators must face the music,” Adams stressed and concluded by saying Mathivha was on two months suspension without pay.

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