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Secretary of Capricorn District Boxing Association, Mahlodi Choshi.

Boxing pleads for intervention by department


Secretary of Capricorn District Boxing Association, Mahlodi Choshi is urging the Department of Sport to assist developing amateur boxers in the province by providing them with equipment.
Choshi says there are ample talented boxers in the province but they are unable to fulfill their full potential due to the lack of resources, facilities and infrastructure.
“We also want to be recognised by the department. We feel as if the department is neglecting us, we want to be given the same treatment as soccer, rugby and other sporting codes.
“We want to create workshops and awareness programmes in the rural communities about boxing but we don’t have the resources and we want the department to help us in that regard.”
She further stated that their goal is to grow the number of female boxers in the province.
She says currently they don’t have enough women boxers who can compete and represent the province on a national stage.
“We are worried about the number and there is an apparent lack of interest from women in the sporting code. Most of them are saying boxing is for men and we want to change that stigma and narrative.
“We want to produce more female promoters and boxers in the province and I believe we can, because we have the ability to do so.”

Story: Herbert Rachuene