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Boston Teachers’ Forum helps shape tertiary education


Boston City Campus & Business College Polokwane hosted their annual Teachers’ Forum at Fusion Boutique Hotel on Friday and made use of the event to show their appreciation for the teaching profession.
Teachers from 35 schools in and around Polokwane were invited to attend the Teachers’ Forum, a platform for educators to talk about perceived gaps in tertiary education offerings.
Boston City Campus & Business College personnel treated the delegates to a delicious three course lunch and handed out several spa and shopping vouchers, bottles of wine and other gifts during two lucky draws.
Each attendee also received a voucher to attend Boston City Campus & Business College’s financial independence short course. Launched last year, this financial independence short course was developed by Boston together with The Money School. It teaches basic money management skills and day-to-day personal finance management. The highlight of the day was Boston City Campus & Business College bursaries of R10 000 each that was handed out to each school. The schools will have the opportunity to offer these bursaries to learners that they feel can best benefit from this financial leg-up.
Melaney Beneke, Branch Manager of Boston City Campus & Business College Polokwane opened the session with a few remarks. She explained that teachers and their input are very important to the college, which is why they decided to host these annual meetings to discuss education with educators.
“Boston was voted best college in South Africa for four years running in a national newspaper survey. That says something about our service to students and the quality of education that we offer,” she said. Beneke said the Teachers’ Forum gives the college an opportunity to find out what the needs of students are.
“You know our future students best, because you work with them every day. You know what types of studies they want to undertake and which career opportunities appeal to them. She also emphasised the importance of locally based top quality tertiary education.
“We are losing too much local talent to Gauteng and other provinces. Students go there to study at tertiary institutions and then find work there and stay. We need to keep promising young people here in Limpopo,” she said.

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