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BB Group hosts successful Ride and Drive Day


RC Myburgh

BB Group created the perfect opportunity for potential buyers as well as motor enthusiasts to get behind the steering wheel of any of the dealership’s brands at the old Go-Kart race course on the Silicon road on Tuesday.
Since early morning eager visitors pitched to test drive BB Group’s cheaper models such as the Datsun Go making their way up to do more expensive and luxurious Infinity. Polokwane Observer was also granted a spot in the passenger seat of the 3,0 litre diesel Infinity with BB Nissan Sales Manager JP Slement behind the steer. With wheels screeching around sharp corners on the go-kart track the Infinity grabs onto the tar surface creating a sense of safety during any challenge you put the vehicle through. The engine performs well and with 160 kW of power under the bonnet, the Infinity sprints out of the bend reaching high speeds in seconds.
While the high performance engine creates a sporty feel, the interior provides for superb luxury with sophisticated finishes and stylish design. The seats are comfortable with more than enough leg and head room for front and backseat occupants.
Ruan Lottering, a local resident who also took the Inifinty for test drive, is of the opinion that no one would go wrong should he purchase such a vehicle. “It is luxurious combined with everything you need in a sports vehicle. The handling on the vehicle is effortless with excellent road holding ability. The Infinity doesn’t have to shy away when it comes to competing against the German luxury brands,” he said.
Priscillah Mokwele is a proud Ford Ranger owner but also tried out the new Mazda CX-5. “The Mazda is such a comfortable vehicle – perfect for the single person as well as the small family man. What makes it more attractive is the style and design and the price tag,” she said. Mokwele got in the passenger seat of the Ford Ranger Wildtrak and considers trading her bakkie for this monster. “The Ranger is so comfortable it doesn’t even feel like you driving a bakkie. The Ranger is perfect to conquer any obstacle and turns out to be the ultimate bakkie on and off terrain,” she said.
Slement said the idea of the day is to give residents the opportunity to test any of the brands available. “Potential buyers can then make an informed decision after taking a vehicle for test drive. They will not only experience the comfort and luxurious side of the vehicles, but will see what the vehicles are capable of on a short track and experience first class safety,” Slement said.

Priscillah Mokwele immediately fell in love with the Mazda CX-5 which she described as comfortable and affordable.

Priscillah Mokwele immediately fell in love with the Mazda CX-5 which she described as comfortable and affordable.