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Ledet MEC Thabo Mokone.

Avoid penalties by renewing liquor trading license


The Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism (Ledet) has encouraged liquor traders to renew their licences before the end of the year to avoid penalties.
The department highlighted that legislation requires liquor traders to renew their liquor licences annually. The renewal period starts on 1 October until the last day of each year, and those who miss the deadline can still renew their licences in the months of January and February of the following year, it was learnt.
In a statement the department stated: “We are requesting all liquor traders to renew their liquor licences by the end of December. Those who renew in January must note that a 50% late registration fee of the normal registration fee will be charged and those who register in February will be charged 100%. It is important to note that those who fail to renew their licences by the end of February will be de-registered and should they wish to trade again, they will be expected to undergo the same process of attaining a liquor licence.”
It was reported that liquor traders who continue to trade in spite of their liquor licences having not been renewed must note that they will be contravening the law and necessary steps will be taken against them. The department warned owners that failure to renew the licence by the end of February would lead to immediate closure of outlets by its Provincial Liquor Board.

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