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Anti-corruption Forum convened


The Office of the Premier is convening a provincial Anti-corruption Forum at Bolivia Lodge today (Thursday) to ensure that all role players are accommodated in the structure.
Phuti Seloba, Provincial Government Spokesperson, said in a media release that the Limpopo Anti-corruption Forum was established after government, business and civil society recognised the negative impact of corruption on service delivery. The province held its first Provincial Anti-corruption Forum on 17 March 2005 in Polokwane.
According to Seloba, this was under a memorandum of understanding which defined the agreement between the public sector (comprising of government institutions), the private sector (business), and the civil society (comprising of various organisations including NGOs, CBOs, labour and African Independent Churches in Limpopo) to set up the Limpopo Anti-corruption Forum. “Delegates from various sectors within Limpopo province gathered in Polokwane on 09 December 2010, when they recognised that corruption is a serious obstacle to service delivery and they also noticed that corruption undermines the democratic ethos and principles of our constitution while eroding the social contract between citizens and the state. There was a declaration that our Province is no sanctuary for corrupt individuals,” Seloba said.

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