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A Cape Ash tree in remembrance


The date 1 September 2020 will always hold a special memory in the history of Mitchell House as the school planted the Cape Ash tree as part of their Arbor Day project.
The event was also a dedication to Headmaster Andrew Cook and his wife Heather.
Cook will retire at the end of the year, and the tree will be a reminder of his legacy.
Cook says the Arbor Day celebrations were held to sensitise learners about the environment and highlight the importance of trees at the school.
“This year’s tree will be used to mark my departure from the school, which is also why we chose to plant the tree just outside the head- master’s office.”
The Cape Ash is the national tree of the year and was a great selection according to Cook, as it grows up to 15m tall and will thus be able to provide shade for the headmaster’s office as a reminder of the contribution he made in his 11 years at the school.
“I want to be remembered as the man who introduced a liberal education system into the province amid patriarchy.
“Mitchell House prides itself on a system that respects learners as full humans and not a sub-specie.
“We teach our learners to question the knowledge that is given to them in a courteous manner.”
He exclaims that the tree has been planted by him and Heather, considering the role she played as a geography teacher at the school and her love for gardening.
“I think it is a very appropriate way of remembering us,” Cook concluded.

Story: Umpha Manenzhe