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A business idea to snack on any day


The nationwide lockdown has sparked a business idea for Mfase Johanna Masekela. She is the lady behind Snack Platters, which provides healthy platters to give people something delectable to snack on. Mfase says the urge to constantly snack while at home was how the business developed. “With the lockdown in place, people need snacks but they are afraid to go out and buy them and that is where I come in. I keep the platters delicious,” she said.
The 26-year-old has been making these platters for four weeks now and it has been a lifesaver as she was unemployed. The selling of the platters has made it possible for Mfase to sustain herself through this trying time. Mfase’s platters are different because of the variety of ingredients that she puts into them. “I have to be innovative and come up with new things all the time so that all my clients do not get the same platter every time,” she explained. She added that she sometimes has the challenge of not finding an ingredient in stock at shops and thus cannot give the client exactly what they want.
Her platters are a hit on social media, something which Mfase uses to entertain herself. She takes photos of her platters and makes use of social media to spread the word about the service.
“I take pictures for fun, it just so happens that my hobby also helps me to promote my business. When I post pictures of my platters and people comment on them, I create a bond with my followers on social media. Our interactions allow people to get to know me better,” she said. Her plan is to sustain the business beyond the lockdown and create a solid client base.
She would also like to connect with more people she can work with and share ideas which will, as a result, create employment opportunities for more people. People can follow her on social media @Don_thickiswa_ on Instagram, @Planetvenus on Twitter and Mfase J Masekela on Facebook.

Story: Miranda Chauke
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