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Youth formation warns of war


If the leadership of the African National Congress Youth League (Ancyl) in Limpopo is not willing to meet with a group of concerned members to discuss proposals for moving up their elective conference of later this year, they have resolved to wage war. In the meantime the presence of presidential contestant Mathews Phosa at a weekend meeting of the same formation, which is being considered illegal by the Ancyl in the province, has raised eyebrows.
When questioned about Phosa’s message to the gathering the convenor of the group of concerned Ancyl members, Boy Mamabolo referred Polo­kwane Observer to Phosa. Upon being approached Phosa said it wasn’t his meeting and didn’t know about it, but according to traditions of the movement he had gone to greet those present after being invited by Mamabolo. He referred to the Ancyl making noise about it, but emphasised that they should establish the facts first before opening their mouths.
Ancyl Limpopo spokesperson Matome Moremi pointed out that Phosa has jeopardised his reported running for top position in the party come December by addressing Saturday afternoon’s meeting. Moremi said with Mamabolo being an ANC branch chairperson who was suspended from the Ancyl after court cases against the league in the province and at national level, he didn’t have the right to call meetings of the Ancyl. Moremi referred to Saturday’s meeting as one by an illegal formation of the Ancyl.

Boy Mamabolo during Saturday afternoon’s meeting of concerned Ancyl members in Polokwane.

He stressed that the Ancyl had approached the ANC in a meeting last Monday with the request to have Mamabolo reigned in and that ANC Provincial Chairperson Stan Mathabatha had given them the undertaking that Deputy Provincial Chairperson Jerry Ndou would have approached Mamabolo. According to Moremi they were still awaiting feedback on the matter.
On the threat of a war to be waged if the concerned Ancyl members didn’t get an audience with the executive leadership to propose an earlier provincial elective conference, Moremi said there was no crisis in Ancyl Limpopo ranks. They are currently getting membership in order before going to sub-regional and regional conferences prior to the provincial elective conference that could be held anytime from May onwards, he said.
On Monday Mamabolo informed Polokwa­ne Observer that the group had resolved during Saturday afternoon’s meeting to first establish willingness by the current executive of the Ancyl to meet to discuss their proposals. He explained that they would approach the leaders with the proposal to have an elective conference as early as Easter this year, instead of only in the second half of the year. An alternative would be a Provincial General Council (PGC) where a march would be discussed, it was learnt.
Mamabolo said resolutions taken during the meeting would have been consolidated on Monday, whereupon a communiqué would have been forwarded to the Ancyl’s provincial leadership the following day.

Story and photos: YOLANDE NEL

Featured photo: Mathews Phosa addresses Saturday’s meeting. (Photo: Supplied)

A member of the group leads with a revolutionary song.

A member of the group of concerned youth leaguers in Limpopo joins a revolutionary song in support of ANC Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.