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The team behind introducing fibre optic technology to Bendor Village are Qiniso Nyathi, Vodacom Limpopo Executive Head of Department Consumer Business Unit in Limpopo, Allen Janke, Vodacom Enterprise Business Unit - Director Ndlazi Technologies, Mareke Lindeque, Bendor Village Complex Manager, Dora Francis, Field Services Consultant Capricorn County, Mohamed Asif Gani, Sales Executive Midrand, and Lee McCreath, Field Service Consultant Capricorn County.

Vodacom ready to switch on fibre in city


Vodacom Limpopo on Saturday held a family day for residents of Bendor Village where they introduced the many benefits of Vodacom Fibre, the next generation of broadband.
Qiniso Nyathi, Executive Head of Department Consumer Business Unit in Limpopo said the fibre optic cables have already been laid throughout Bendor Village.
“Today we give home owners the opportunity to see what Vodacom fibre can mean for them and to sign up. Should someone opt to connect with Vodacom Fibre, we will easily connect them to the cables that have already been installed,” he explained, adding that the fibre connection would be switched on soon.
“Watch this space to see how Vodacom Fibre can change the way that you see and experience the internet.”
Bendor Village Complex Manager, Mareke Lindeque said she was impressed with how efficiently the laying of the cables was done.
“One day we had trenches along every sidewalk and the next everything was closed up and neatly cleaned,” she said.
The Bendor Village fibre optic project is one of a few pilot projects that Vodacom is launching in Polokwane. After establishing a perfect standard of service delivery, the company plans to expand to other complexes and the rest of the province.

Story and photo: MARKI FRANKEN