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Executive members of Vodacom Limpopo Region, present during the Vodacom Limpopo Region Media Roadshow are Imran Khan, Managing Executive, Tsatsi Mthimunyai, Executive Head of Division, Operations. Dora Francis, acting Executive Head of Division, Commercial Business Unit and Kugan Soobramani, Executive Head of Division, Vodacom Business.

Vodacom Limpopo invests R135 m+ in customer service


Vodacom Limpopo Region invested over R135 million into the network across the province during the 2019/2020 financial year.
This according to Managing Executive for Vodacom Limpopo region, Imran Khan who addressed a Media Roadshow held at a venue in Polo­kwane on Tuesday.
He said the substantial investment is designed to help remove barriers so that citizens in rural and township areas have the same network experiences as those who reside in urban areas of the province and be part of the Digital Revolution.
He told the media that the region has invested over a billion rand over the past four years alone to cater for the strong data growth and extend broadband to areas which did not previously have network access. “The bulk of the capital expenditure was used to deploy new base stations sites, performing upgrades on existing sites and on transmission network infrastructure in order to accelerate digital inclusion. As a result, the 4G population covered has increased to 82% at the end of September 2019. 3G coverage has increased to 99.6% of the population, with high-speed transmission extended to 94% of all the sites across the region.”
He added that at Vodacom they have always maintained that one of their key differentiators is the quality, strength, and reliability of their network. “We believe investing in our network ensures that we deliver best-in-class coverage and customer service, not only to urban areas, but to people who dwell in township and deep rural areas as well, to help bridge the digital divide,” Khan remarked.
He also stated that the capex investment of over R135 million has enabled them to widen thier 4G network coverage, increase data speeds, and help them to reduce their dropped-call rate, ensuring that they continue to deliver on their best network promise. “As a result, hundreds of thousands of our customers, SMMEs and public sector institutions within the region benefited from the capital expenditure. Providing network connectivity for people who reside in deep rural areas is a high priority for Vodacom and is part of our vision to make sure that we connect everyone no matter where they live. As part of our accelerated rural coverage program, we deployed over 70 new rural network sites across the province in the current financial year alone.”

Story and photo: Herbert Rachuene