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Vodacom edge is superior network, service


During the previous financial year Vodacom Limpopo spent R220 million on upgrading network infrastructure in the province and this year they plan to invest R163 million on their network.
“R92 million will be spent on ramping up network capacity, while the rest will be spent on transmission capacity including new base stations, deploying new fibre cables, and investment in the core network,” Vodacom Managing Executive for Limpopo Region, Chris Lazarus explained during a media round table event in Polokwane last Wednesday.
Lazarus said one of the biggest challenges faced by Vodacom Limpopo is the large amount of second generation (2G) cell phones being used in the province. He explained that the telecommunications business is reliant on a finite amount of spectrum.
“Imagine spectrum as a two lane highway. The more third generation (3G) and Long Term Evolution (LTE) sites added in the province, the more traffic is put on that two lane highway and you come to a stage where the spectrum simply cannot handle the amount of traffic. The use of 2G phones means that a large amount of spectrum is being used for voice calls only and updated technology suffers for it. The only way we can get Limpopo in line with the rest of the world when it comes to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is to free up space on the spectrum,” he explained.
The Vodacom Group have several strategies in place to make it easier for their clients to access 3G and LTE enabled devices, including making these devices affordable for all people. Vodacom also put several pricing strategies in place to make data and voice calls affordable. One of these strategies is the Just 4 U initiative.
“A client just has to dial *123# to receive a tailor made offer that is based on that specific client’s usage history. This is such a specialised service that none of our competitors have been able to duplicate or ever come near to offering the same deals,” Executive Head of Commercial for Vodacom Limpopo, Qiniso Nyathi explained.
“Another way of finding great deals and always staying on the forefront of Vodacom’s innovations and offers is to connect to the My Vodacom App.”
Lazarus added that the Just 4 U offers, combined with the wider Vodacom Group pricing strategy has driven the effective price per minute of Vodacom connections down by 17%.
“Having the best network is important, but we need to support this by ensuring we deliver a truly differentiated customer experience. Through our renewed focus on customer care, we are striving to keep our promise to provide the best service to the people of Limpopo.”

Story & Photos: Marki Franken

Featured Photo: Vodacom Managing Executive for Limpopo Region, Chris Lazarus cannot contain his excitement over developments in the Vodacom network during the media round table meeting last Wednesday.