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The team of news makers from South Africa, with Sarel Nong far right, proudly displays their flag on Mount Everest.

UPDATE – Everest expedition tackles descent


The team of news makers from South Africa attempting Mount Everest with mountaineer and motivational speaker Sibusiso Vilane has commenced their descent and are on their way home.
In his latest feedback from Everest (just sent through at approximately 18:18 on the mountain), local adventurer and entrepreneur Sarel Nong indicated that they were currently finding themselves at a height of approximately 3 500 m above sea level and that it was still very cold. On Saturday – the day they reached Everest Base Camp in the afternoon – temperatures hovered at around -28 °C, he added.
By Friday they should have reached the end of the climb and Nong is expected back in Polokwane on Sunday.