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Tropical Storm Dineo in the Mozambique Channel at 10:15 this morning. (Photo: SAWS Website)

Tropical disturbance to hit Limpopo tomorrow


A tropical disturbance, already named Dineo by the South African Weather Service (SAWS) is heading for the province and Mpumalanga and will, according to a media release posted on the SAWS website earlier today, intensify to Intense Tropical Cyclone status as early as tomorrow (Wednesday) evening.
The SAWS says that Dineo is currently positioned in the Mozambique Channel and latest projections are that the system is still intensifying, whilst still maintaining a predominantly westerly track. “The latest forecast guidance suggests that it is likely to intensify to Intense Tropical Cyclone status as early as tomorrow (Wednesday) evening, shortly before reaching the coastline near Inhambane in the south of Mozambique in the early morning hours of Thursday. It is then likely to be associated with maximum winds of the order of 90 knots, or approximately 166 km per hour. An obvious concern for communities will be torrential rain, resulting in widespread flooding,” the SAWS informed.
According to the SAWS, Dineo is projected to continue on a predominantly westward track and will likely reach Musina and Beit Bridge area by early morning on Friday. “Bearing in mind that the lower portion of the Limpopo River flows directly through the Mozambican region which is most likely to be severely affected, this compounds the risk of flooding and for communities to possibly be displaced by this event. By early Friday morning, the core or vortex of Dineo should begin dissipating in the region of Musina and Beit Bridge,” the SAWS reported.
“Dineo is expected to bring strong, gusty winds to eastern Limpopo and Mpumalanga, and heavy rain will begin to affect the area from Thursday evening. Persistent, heavy showers are likely to continue into Friday for these areas, although this is highly dependent on whether Dineo remains on her current forecast track,” the SAWS reported.