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Top brass exposed to embarrassing photo


An embarrassing photo of a man’s private parts allegedly sent from the cell phone of one of the top officials in the Legislature to a communal WhatsApp group recently, has elicited varied comments from different corners.
The photo, which may have been meant for the man’s female companion (or not) landed on the Legislature’s WhatsApp group with a cell phone number indicating from where it came.
Some members said the photo was sent accidentally while others reckon it was a plot to embarrass the alleged sender. Some said the member was possibly busy communicating with members on the group and with a female friend and got mixed up, sending the wrong message to the wrong persons.
“It happens that one can send a message to the wrong recipient,” a non-member of the Legislature, who has also seen the photo, said, adding “It has happened to me also.”
An opposition party member described it as an embarrassing situation, very rude and tasteless. “One should be more circumspect and careful when using social media. Women have seen the photo on the group and it should never have happened.”
A female worker at the legislature said “luckily” she did not see the photo. “It was just circulated among the top brass who use the group,” she said.
The member was afforded the opportunity to comment, but no response was forthcoming.