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Noorderland High School Grade 12 learner Lutricia le Roux came third in the Top 10 and received 11 different accolades during her school’s recent Excellence Awards. Left: Lutricia le Roux’s father, John, who is a retired Mathematics teacher, joins her on stage in delight at the Mathematics awards she received.

Top 10 learner Lutricia has a hunger for numbers


Noorderland High School Grade 12 learner Lutricia le Roux (17) was called on stage no less than 11 times during the school’s recent Excellence Awards.
This top achiever was awarded academic honours and finished in third place in the Top 10 with an average of 85,4% which includes subjects such as Mathematics, Economics, Accounting, Physics, Life Orientation, English Home Language and Afrikaans First Additional Language.
She also received half honours for scoring 82% during her provincial participation in the South African Institute of Professional Accountants’ Accounting Olympiad.
Lutricia was the subject winner in both Economics and Mathematics. She was named Best Performer in Mathematics, Top Achiever in Mathematics, and received a silver medal for second place in Accounting.
Over and above these academic awards, this humble yet quietly confident young woman also received half honours for leadership as a member of the Representative Council of Learners as well as being chosen for two special awards namely Outstanding Leadership and Most Deserving Learner awards.
Her father, John le Roux, is a retired Mathematics teacher and was so over the moon with her achievements that he joined her on stage to share in her moment when she received the award as Top Achiever in Mathematics. Her mother, Martina le Roux works away from home. “My mom gives me huge spiritual support,” Lutricia adds.
Lutricia says she certainly did not expect to receive so many accolades and was astonished when she received the awards for outstanding leadership and most deserving learner. Her favourite subjects are Mathematics and Accounting and she says she would like to study either accounting sciences or mathematical statistics. Her reason? “Because I like numbers,” is her simple answer.
Her secret to the academic success she enjoys is that she already started preparing for her matric finals when she was in Grade 10. “My older sister, Excelsior, advised me to start studying as soon as possible and that everything I learnt from Grade 10 onwards would be relevant for my finals,” she explains.
She says she tries to always be attentive in class and do her homework each day. She also does weekly revision of the work done. “When I am studying for exams, I like having soft music in the background, something slow like R & B. Numbers make me hungry so I love having an array of snacks available too.”
She says when she first started Economics it was her most difficult subject. “But it grew on me. I paid attention and eventually started to enjoy it.” She adds that the holiday study camps at school were also an enormous help to her.
In her spare time she enjoys reading and watching movies. Her favourite author is Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe although her favourite book of all time is about the Biafran war and named ‘Half of a yellow sun’ by another Nigerian novelist, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. “As far as movies are concerned, I love any fantasy movies including the Harry Potters and the Twilights,” she says.
Lutricia has been a vegetarian since the beginning of the year and says her favourite meal is pasta. She would love to travel the world one day and first on her list will be Egypt. “The pyramids fascinate me, I would love to see them one day.”
She believes everyone was put on earth with a purpose, “so find yours and live a fulfilled life.”
Her advice to other learners facing Grade 12 exams is “don’t let the pressure get to you. The Grade 12 exams are the same as any other year, they’re just glamourised because they are the last exams of your high school career. Don’t fuss. Just carry on doing what you are used to doing”.

Story & photo: KAREN VENTER