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Tim Tebeila and his wife, Pollet enjoy themselves on a cruise to the Caribbean.

Tips for first time travelers


The Festive Season is celebrated in many ways and families plan for the season thoroughly with some spending the time out of their comfort zone in other countries. Polokwane Observer spoke to five families who regularly travel and asked them why they chose to spend the holiday season abroad or out of the province.
Reabetswe Mabotja said her family is planning a trip to East London for Christmas and Durban for New Year’s Eve. She said travelling during the Festive Season has been a family tradition for many years and that spending the season at home can get a little boring at times.
“We travel as a family and our last holiday was in Mozambique via the MSC Cruise and Sun City. It was a wonderful experience as it was our first time there. We believe in travelling South Africa as a whole and seeing our own country before going elsewhere. Mozambique was wonderful, the beach was somehow different to our beaches in Durban or Cape Town and the food was delicious. There is nothing fun like spending Festive Season with family,” she explained.
She further said they also try new things when visiting other countries and stated that Mozambique has the best sea food. Mabotja admitted that they enjoy taking a Sho’t Left and emphasised that Robben Island is among their favourite holiday destinations. She advised first travellers to get tablets against nausea, especially if they are visiting a beach and to pack for all weather because in other countries or cities one can experience four seasons all in one day.
Bruno and Jenny Tschudin divulged that they recently visited India and stated that it was always best to get a tour guide when in another country to deal with the language barrier among other things. Jenny said they also try new dishes but they rely on referrals to avoid eating something that might end up ruining their vacation.
She said when they visited Egypt, they were told not to eat food cooked on the side on the road. She further said first time travellers should do their research, compare prices and learn about the rules and laws of that particular countries to stay on the safe side of the law.
Corlia Maritz, who returned from Bangkok recently explained that travelling helps her learn about different cultures and cautioned that it is always safe to plan ahead.
She said she visited Dubai for Christmas one year and she was impressed with the way Christmas trees were placed all over.
She further said one doesn’t have to pack a lot of things because they are going to need enough space to pack all the things they bought from that specific country.
Sylvia Botha outlined that travellers should inform their banks before embarking on a journey so that they can be able to use their credit cards in another country without the banks suspecting that the card has been stolen or account hacked. She has been to Thailand and stated that with technology at everyone’s disposal, it is easy to book flights and hotels without paying a travel agency to do all the work.
Another frequent traveller, Tim Tebeila said he liked travelling with his whole family and they recently visited Sydney and Disney World in Florida, USA.


Jenny Tschudin at the Great Wall of China during a recent visit.

Sylvia Botha tries a red hot tilapia fish at Chiang Mai night market in Thailand.

The Mabotja family, Reabetswe, Jan, Mariah, Mahlatse and Tebogo at Sun City.