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Tackle hunting season with top class partners


The hunting season has kicked off at the beginning of April with the colder months traditionally dryer and therefore more suited to hunting as there is less brush to hamper the hunters’ aim.
Having the proper gear can mean the difference between a successful or disappointing hunt. After the hunt, the meat has to be processed and prepared for consumption – especially the biltong that makes most people’s mouths water. Several companies in Polokwane specialise in making any hunting trip successful and turning the spoils of the hunt into gourmet fare.

Jacques van Tonder, owner, and his wife Amanda is the winning team behind Vleislapa Welgelegen.

Vleislapa Welgelegen
Polo­kwane residents have come to accociate the Vleislapa Welgele­gen brand with quality and affordability over the past 11 years.
Vleislapa Welgelegen offers exceptionally hygienic and honest processing of venison according to each client’s individual needs. This includes cutting and spicing biltong and TV sticks as well as making dry wors, patties, boerewors, cabanossi and truly South African sosaties. They also cut perfect steaks and chops from the carcass.
This butchery is well known for their quality and neat processing of venison and handles between 10 and 15 ton of hunters’ spoils per month. Vleislapa Welgelegen processes all venison except wild boar and warthogs. Clients have to arrange preparation of meat with the butchery beforehand and the carcass must be slaughtered with feet, head, skin and entrails removed. To keep up the high standard of hygiene, Vleislapa Welgelegen will only accept clean, fresh venison for processing.
Contact Vleislapa Welgelegen on 015 297 0874 or visit the store at 95 Genl Viljoen Street to discuss specific needs with the team.

Marlen Arms and Ammo stocks the Hornady Lock n Load Classic Kit.









Marlen Arms and Ammo
This firearms and accessories dealer is a subsidiary of Marlen Industries. They stock new and pre-owned firearms as well as ammunition, optics, hunting gear and much more. The company’s main priority is to offer the client a pleasant shopping experience and making sure that every client finds a product completely suited to their needs.
This arms dealer also caters for gun aficionados who prefer to load their own ammunition. Marlen Arms and Ammo stocks the Hornady Lock n Load Classic Kit as well as the most popular propellants from Somchem Reload.
Not only does Marlen Arms and Ammo cater to all ammunitions and firearm needs, they also have an underground shooting range approved for practical firearm training by the Police and the South African Bureau for Standards (SABS). They provide training in a fully functional classroom for training purposes with accreditation from the Professional Firearm Training Council.
Contact Marlen Industries on 015 293 0363 for more information.

Bo Baas Meat Market is well known for its speciality meat dishes.









Bo Baas Meat Market
Bo Baas Meat Market is well known for its speciality meat dishes, especially their stuffed and deboned chicken thighs, Spiderman Steaks, aged steaks well spiced and wrapped in caul fat, and a wide variety of boerewors and sausages – all perfect for the camp braai.
“Our wors and sausages are so popular because we do not use any soy or other meat alternatives at Bo Baas Meat Market,” says owner Hermien Myburgh.
With the help of her team, Myburgh is fully prepared for the hunting season. “We handle all venison processing and are licensed to sell meat sourced from hunting farms in Limpopo, making sure that no poached meat will ever be sold at Bo Baas.”
For those who prefer to make their own biltong and prepare their own perfect meat dishes, Bo Baas also sells a wide variety of spices and condiments.
For more information contact Bo Baas Meat Market on 087 131 0261 or visit them at the South Gate Country Lodge and Business Centre to see all the great offers they have in store.

Crown National Spice World Polokwane is the ideal place to find everything needed for preparing the perfect dish.










Crown National Spice World Polokwane
To turn any piece of venison into a masterpiece, Crown National Spice World Polokwane sells flavour in many forms including marinades, glazes, spice rubs, sprinkle spices and coatings.
The company also specialises in retail and wholesale of sausage casings, home meal replacements, butchery and catering equipment as well as packaging material and accessories.
BCE is well known for its exceptional service and superior quality products. The company has produced a reputation as Southern Africa’s leading supplier of kitchen utensils, industrial cookware and commercial kitchen appliances. Crown National Spice World Polokwane has teamed up with BCE as a distribution agent for its products in Limpopo. These include Infiniti buffetware and Fortis hotelware.
The Spice World Cash and Carry is open to the public for the purchase of spices, casings, packaging, accessories and much more. This is the ideal place for hunters, farmers, caterers, small business and the general public to find everything needed for preparing the perfect dish.
Visit the store at 29A Yster Street or call them on 015 293 1610.

Visit Monate Meat in Superbia.








Monate Meat
At Monate Meat any hunter is ensured of top class processing of the kill, turning the venison into delicious treats like biltong, boerewors and other delicacies.
The well trained team at Monate Meat guarantees excellent results, ensuring that the client gets the best value for money. All cuts and products are prepared to the client’s specifications and taste.
Besides processing venison, Monate Meat also offers a wide range of the best quality meat at affordable prices, making firing up the braai or preparing the perfect roast a joy.
Owner Leon Venter promises choice cuts, made by skilled meat experts including newly appointed butcher, Flip Nel.
Visit Monate Meat at 13 Kobalt Street in Superbia or contact Nel on 082 465 0517 or Venter at 083 292 3250.