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The new Suzuki Baleno’s design is a prime example of evolution and innovation. (Photos: Supplied)

Suzuki Baleno reflects passion


With perfectly-designed, sleek curves inside and out, unmatched space and attention to detail, the appeal of the new Suzuki Baleno is crystal clear with advanced driving technology that gives you a rush of pulse-pumping satisfaction and a driving experience like no other.
The Baleno is a car that reflects your drive, your pace, and your passion, with a low, wide design that gives you a sense of constant movement. The Baleno’s platform is a prime example of evolution and innovation. The smooth and continuous curves of the framework disperse energy and increase rigidity. Weight is reduced and unnecessary components are eliminated.
Cruising, turning, and stopping are taken to the next level in a fundamental framework shift to smooth design. The simplicity of the frame’s smooth lines and reduced joint points have allowed the Baleno fewer reinforcements, resulting in lighter weight and dispersing collision energy efficiently.
The Baleno is a car for the individual, the attention to detail inside and out reflects the true personality of its driver: forward moving and always in pursuit of perfection. With class-leading cabin space, the Baleno is a charismatic hatchback that gives you freedom to move your way. The generous luggage capacity and comfort of the interior create an environment that’s hard to leave when you arrive at your destination.
The interior of the Baleno is as revitalising as the exterior. The cabin carries through the wide and low design of the car’s shapely exterior, giving an expansive and roomy interior that is rounded off to perfect class. The instrument panel brings innovation to the smooth design and accentuates the cockpit with easily-operated audio and air conditioning controls.
Driver comforts and controls available to make your drive exceptional include display travelling fuel-efficiency and average past fuel-efficiency; power and torque in real time; average vehicle speed and average past vehicle speed; proximity to objects when rear parking sensor is in operation; driving time and driving distance from engine-on to engine-off and distance to refuelling.
The interior also hosts DVD Multimedia AV receiver with 6,2” touchscreen display which allows you to keep all your in-drive requirements in one simple interface. With DVD playback, Bluetooth integration with supported voice calling, and control for iPod/iPhone and supported Android smartphones. The Pioneer AppRadio and AppRadioLIVE feature allows you to integrate mapping (Waze and Navmii), media including photos, news information and calendar events in one synchronised platform.
Under the hood lurks a 1,4-litre engine designed to maximise energy efficiency and increased running power for an invigorating and stimulating driving experience. The intake VVT, cylinder head, and piston crowns are designed to keep your fuel economy at an optimum, enhanced and supported by a great aerodynamic body. The Baleno is available in a 5-speed manual transmission, with a smooth and precise shift feel and optimal gear ratios that benefit fuel-economy or a 4-speed automatic transmission is available in the GLX models. The Baleno offers 68 kW of power and 130 Nm of torque between 4 000 and 6 000 rpm.
When it comes to safety the Baleno did not compromise and the preventative and collision safety features are designed to mitigate injury in case of an accident and give you an added layer of safety on your drive, covering those ‘just in case’ moments on the road.
For more information on the Baleno visit BB Group Suzuki Polokwane at the corner of Rissik and Landdros Maré streets or contact them on 015 297 0140.

Story: RC Myburgh

The interior is spacious with various features ensuring a comfort drive.