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Aspirant teachers from the Foundation for Cross-Culture Education in Zambia on their recent visit to Eagle’s Nest Christian School. (Photo: supplied)

Students from Zambia visit Eagle’s Nest


Eagle’s Nest Christian School recently hosted a group of ten second year students from the Foundation for Cross-Culture Education (FCE) in Zambia. The students are in the process of becoming Christ-centred educators and the visit afforded them an opportunity to practically apply theories and procedures in the classroom.
The group also learnt more about the culture, values and principles practised at Eagle’s Nest Christian School, exchanged ideas with the educators and see how best they can improve the culture of learning and teaching in Christian schools.
This was a great opportunity for these students to serve in any activity that took place at the school. The group was made up of Colin Fredrick, Francis Kaolera, Henery Kazeyem, Mwaba Mulenga, Marvel Kolola, Melody Kabambala, Margaret Namunyola, Ndanji Noungoyi, Annie Stoui and Terry Chembo.
FCE’s focuses on equipping disadvantaged and unreached communities with Biblical values, knowledge and skills that will lead to community transformation and spiritual maturity.

Story: Endy Senyatsi