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Vaughn van Vuuren and his German Shepherd, Phantom.

Sterkloop Tackle & Pet Shop hosts K9 training


The lawn at Sterkloop Tackle & Pet Shop on Saturday turned into a puppy paradise when Limpopo K9 Academy’s instructors gave a demonstration of their puppy training regimen that was open to all members of the public.
The pups had time to get used to the course as instructors helped their owners with pointers on how to get the exited animals to obey orders.
Limpopo K9 Academy instructor in charge of puppy training, Linda Deyer and her long-coated Weimaraner gave a demonstration of what puppies will be able to do once they have finished the puppy training at the academy.
The academy offers five training courses; puppy, basic, intermediate, semi-advanced and advanced. They also offer specialised courses in personal protection work, track and trace, and detection work.
Instructor Stephan Botha gave an impressive demonstration of the results of the personal protection training with the emphasis on the dogs’ obedience to owners’ commands.
Stella de Jager, owner of Sterkloop Tackle & Pet Shop said the day was a huge success and spectators learnt the importance of socialising and training dogs from a very young age. “At Sterkloop Tackle & Pet Shop we put the animals’ welfare first and it is in a dog’s best interest to be properly trained.”

Story and photos: MARKI FRANKEN

Limpopo K9 Academy instructor in charge of puppy training, Linda Deyer shows off her long-coated Weimaraner, Max at the puppy training demonstration at Sterkloop Tackle & Pet Shop on Saturday.

Tyra-Lee Delport and Jessica-Anne Geduld with Roxy.

Limpopo K9 Academy instructor Stephan Botha shows what Border Collie Panda has learnt in the basic personal protection class.

Kobus Kruger and his German Shepherd, Kaptein.

Hanlie van Rensburg with her Husky, Luna.

Alta Visser and her dog, Panda.

Dagan van Vuuren teaches his Husky, Ashley to stay in the block.

Border Collie Panda, American Bully Duke and Weimaraner Max wait obediently to be called by their owners.