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An artist’s impression of the centre.

St Matthew’s fundraiser warmly supported


Congregants and associates of St Matthew Anglican Church in Seshego joined by community members and other stakeholders on Saturday evening filled to capacity the venue at Honey Lodge in Seshego where they attended the congregation’s fundraising initiative for the church’s envisaged Multi-Purpose Community Church Centre.
The project will cost an estimated R8 million and, according to Morogwa Ledwaba, a member of the church council, relief constraints presented by the existing 51-year-old church building.
Once completed the centre will offer recreational facilities, classrooms and a crèche and will serve congregants and the community of Seshego and surrounds. Explaining the envisioned functionality of the centre Ledwaba said: “The centre will also offer after-school care services to children in Seshego. The centre will also host academic courses for adults to be manned by retired educators from the area. We will also allow nongovernmental organisations to plant vegetables to help feed underprivileged communities.”
The centre will also cater for youth church services and a hospitality section where aspiring chefs from the Seshego community and surrounds can hone their skills.
The organisers thanked everyone who supported the event that was attended by former Executive Mayor of Polokwane, Freddy Greaver and Vice President of South African Football Association, Ria Ledwaba who is also the ambassador of the church.
In her short address Ria Ledwaba urged women to support each other and refrain from pulling each other down. “Women are their own worst enemies. They must support each other and grow together. For them to reach their potential they must put God first,” she urged.
At the time of going to press the organisers could not yet divulge the amount raised at the event. “We are still going to sit down as the committee to count the money and then we will be able to tell you how much we have raised at the event,” they said.

Story and photos: Herbert Rachuene

Morongwa Ledwaba, member of the council of St Matthews Anglican Church.

Freaddy Greaver, former of Executive Mayor of Polokwane Municipality.

Ria Ledwaba, Vice President of South African Football Association and ambassador of St Matthews Anglican Church.