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Speedsters put their foot on the pedal


Motorbike enthusiasts were on the edge of their seats at the Polokwane Go-Cart track on Saturday when bikers competed in different categories during the second edition of Superbike Magazine Short Circuit Series.
About 100 male and female bikers displayed their best skills on the track aiming to win prizes that were at stake. Among the participants were two Polokwane youngsters, Luan and Ruben Weterman who competed for the first time on the track.
One of the tournament organisers, Clinton Pienaar said the Polokwane series is one of the favourites on their calendar but this may be over-shadowed next month when they take the series to Port Elizabeth for the first time. He said the first round which was held in Pretoria early last month was a huge success and thanked bikers and residents for coming out in their numbers to support the competition.
Participants locked horns in categories such as supermoto expert class, advanced supermoto, novice supermoto, masters supermoto (riders from age 40), supermoto grand masters (riders from age 50), junior supermoto (50cc/ 65cc/ 85cc), 250 cup, 150 cup, NSF 100s, minimoto, club-mans and scooters among others.

Results of the tournament are as follows:
150 cup/ Scooters/
Clubmans overall winners
Chris Wright – 75 points.
Zoe Bosch – 61 points.
Karen Brown – 60 points.
Ladies Cre8work 250 cup
Nicole van Aswegen – 65 points.
Savannah Woodward – 61 points.
Sandra Shelley – 50 points.
Grand masters
Teddy Brooke – 25 points.
Nico von Wielligh – 20 points.
Warren Laubscher – 16 points.
Kyle Robinson – 75 points.
Neil Meiring – 60 points.
Geoff van der Westhuizen – 48 points.
Mini-moto Novice
Amohelang Phiri – 75 points.
Adam Naidoo – 70 points.
Zain Maxwell – 65 points.
Mini-moto prod, super prod and open
Mohammed Raza Hyath – 75 points.
Brandon Parsons – 70 points.
Ryan van Niekerk – 56 points.
Loctite NSF 100
Tristin Pienaar – 70 points.
Cayden Robert – 70 points.
Chris Wright – 65 points.
SuperMoto SM1
Damion Purificati – 66 points.
Thomas Brown – 65 points.
Michael Harris – 49 points.
SuperMoto SM 1X
Creg Gildenhuys – 70 points.
Dino Lozzo – 52 points.
Brent Harran – 52 points.
SuperMoto 2
Michael Louw – 65 points.
Theo Oosthuizen – 58 points.
Nico von Wielligh – 45 points.
SuperMoto juniors
Ruche Moodley – 70 points.
Calib van der Westhuizen – 70 points.
Adam Naidoo – 65 points.

Story and photos: ENDY SENYATSI

Candice Oosthuizen, front, and Mia Liza Gaspar rides towards the finish line.

Leungo Gaorekwe in action during the second edition of Superbike Magazine Short Circuit Series at Polo­kwane Go-Cart track on Saturday.

Thabang Kheswa shows off best racing skills on the track.

Mia Liza Gaspar competes in clubmans category.

Bikers at the start of the race during the second edition of Superbike Magazine Short Circuit Series at the Polokwane Go-Cart on Saturday.