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Softball team wins nationals


Limpopo’s Senior Men’s Softball team are the proud bearers of the national title, an accomplishment that evaded them for nine years until they triumphed over their opponents, Tshwane Softball Club during the final match of the National Softball Championship at Polokwane Cricket Grounds on Sunday and beat them by eight runs.
Two of the team members were among the best male pitchers of the tournament. Tidima Kekana scored an average of 3,769 and Nakedi Mohalke 1,615 to finish in third place.
Captain Molokoane Sehlabi said they were elated to have won the title after so long. “We have been dreaming about this day for quite a while and we are glad that it has become a reality. Nothing beats the feeling of lifting the trophy. We dedicate this trophy to all the softball loving people in the province who have supported us since day one. They have been waiting for it and we are excited to fulfil the promise,” Sehlabi said.
President of the South African Softball Association Mashilo Matsetela said the team deserves the title. “They played well throughout the championships and we are happy that they have won the championship,” Matsetela said.
Malesela Ramaoka, Spokesperson for Sport, Arts and Culture MEC Nandi Ndalane said they are also proud of the provincial team’s achievement and wished them all the best in their next championship. “We congratulate all the team members. Limpopo is genetically a province of softball. It was a sweet victory. It will be difficult for any province to remove us from the number one spot because we are in the driving seat. We are proud of the provincial team’s achievement and we hope it will also inspire other sporting codes” Ramaoka said.
The Senior Men’s team of Ekurhuleni Softball Club finished in third place. The Limpopo Senior Women’s team was knocked out by Ekurhuleni in the first round. The women’s champions are Tshwane Softball Club who beat Ekhuruleni Softball Club in the finals.

Featured Photo by Herbert Rachuene – The Limpopo Senior Men’s Softball team after their victory in the finals of the National Softball Championships at Polokwane Cricket grounds on Sunday evening.

Herbert Rachuene

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