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Sideswipe collision claims one life


A horrific accident a few kilometres out of the city on the R521 to Mogwadi road R521 between a taxi and Great North Transport (GNT) bus yesterday (Thursday) claimed one life.
The driver of a taxi was declared dead on the scene by the medical team and Department of Transport Spokesperson, Joshua Kwapa also confirmed that two passengers from the bus had sustained serious injuries and were rushed to hospital for medical attention.
The accident happened at around 19:00 when, according to Kgwapa, the bus allegedly overtook recklessly and collided sideways with a taxi. The cause of the accident is suspected to have been reckless and negligent driving. Kwapa further said the accident was registered with Westenburg Police Station and a case of culpable homicide will be investigated.
The taxi, apparently from Pretoria, was heading to Tzaneen while the bus was transporting commuters from the city to Moletjie, Ga-Makibelo and surrounds.