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School celebrates World Cancer Day


Cansa Polokwane celebrated World Cancer Day with learners of Nirvana Pre-School last Thursday. As part of the celebrations the organisation created awareness about the pandemic and encouraged educators and learners to live a healthy lifestyle.
Enny Mashapa, Community Mobiliser at Cansa said the celebrations served as an opportunity to reflect on what people can do individually and collectively to fight the diseases. “These are the diseases that affect people of all ages, races and gender. It does not discriminate, so we are urging people not to discriminate against those living with cancer. Our message to the learners is that their friend with cancer is still their friend. They must love and support those living with the pandemic,” Mashapa said.
Munira Mohamed, Principal of Nirvana Pre School said they were very conscious about cancer and stressed that they appreciate the association’s input in making their learners more aware of cancer and related issues.
She also encouraged the learners to be sun smart and eat healthy food in order to avoid things like skin cancer.
Cansa Polokwane staff present handed over a basket of fruit and packs of sunscreen be shared by the learners and personnel.

Story and photos: Herbert Rachuene

In front are Naeelah Jardien and Abdullah Eernadez.Hussein Adam. Cansa Polokwane Volunteer, Dineo Mukanzi, Linah Moropana, Amina Umart, Hawa Muhommed and Dorah Shokane are at the back.

Photographed during the celebrations are, Munira Mohamed, Principal of Nirvana Pre-School, with Lailah George, Enny Mashapa, Community Mobiliser at Cansa Polokwane with Ansari Subhan, Asma Latha, Almaz Bava, Practical Educators, Radhiyya Kika, Grade 1 Educator, Zeenad Lambart, Special Needs Class Educator, Halima Ali and Asma Suleman Grade R Educator.