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The Renault Megane GT at one of the destinations visited during the road trip.

Road trip in feisty Renault Megane GT


Embarking on yet another road trip on Friday was certainly one of the more exciting journeys thus far as two members of Polokwane Observer’s editorial team were provided a new Renault Megane GT to explore the lush scenery along the R71 towards Haenertsburg, Tzaneen and Modjadjiskloof.
Courtesy of BB Group Renault Polokwane the road trip turned into more than just fun with the Megane which does not shy away when you need power.
The exterior design screams for a shot of adrenaline. With its classy lines, uncompromising choices, the Megane GT is sporty, striking and feisty and has a daring, expressive design and assertive styling. Inspired and strengthened by a unique lighting signature, the Megane GT invites you to get behind the wheel and rediscover real sensations. Its daytime running lights with LED technology gives it a sharp look while the rear lights, also LED with 3D effect, highlight its unique personality, day and night.
When one gets into the bucket seats the Megane feels safe in a compact cabin. The layout of the centre console, lighting and overall interior design create a burning eagerness to push the Start/Stop button.
The key words are quality and harmony with premium finishes. The exciting part is that the driver gets to choose between three driving modes – Comfort, Neutral and Sport to meet your current desires. It controls both technical configurations such as engine response, gear changes, variation in steering wheel effort, engine sound, 4CONTROL responsiveness) and on-board environment such as tone of interior lighting, information displayed, colour of instruments. As the Megane GT makes its way up the mountain pass towards Haenertsburg, the temptation to lay the finger on the Sport-button was getting bigger but the Megane had more than enough power and torque even to overtake with ease on a steep incline. And when you enter a curve in the road the Megane sticks firmly to the tar surface even when dodging potholes on the Georges Valley road.
Access to all information such as audio, air conditioning, navigation and vehicle information are made easy with the touch screen Renault Multimedia system. The 8,7 inch portrait screen is responsive, ergonomic and luminous.
When the road trip got closer to the end, it was time to head back to Polokwane. After trying almost every feature the Megane GT has to offer the Sport functions was still not put to the test. The moment it is activated the blue lighting of the interior as well as the speedometer turn red with higher revs as a result and vehicle that comes to life in a split second.
The engine delivers 151 kW of power and the seven-speed automatic gearbox works well with the powertrain to get to high speeds within seconds and the full pleasure of driving the GT is expressed. Powering the Megane GT is a 1,6 turbocharged engine and can reach the 100 km/h mark from standstill in 7,1 seconds while still returning good consumption figures of just 6 litre per 100 km.
The Megane GT offers a variety of sophisticated safety features such as Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), airbags for the driver and front passengers, cruise control and speed limiter and hill start assist.
For more information or for a test drive visit Renault Polokwane on the corner of Landdros Maré and Excelsior street or contact them on 015 287 1336.

Story and photo: RC Myburgh

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