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Reasons why South Africans are choosing estate homes


According to one of the country’s biggest international estate agencies it was recently noticed that there is a growing trend among South Africans making the shift towards living in secure, gated communities.
Security estate living has become increasingly popular as it offers not only convenience, but also luxury living at an attractive price.
These are the reasons why home buyers are preferring estate homes:
A sense of community
There is an increasing move towards wanting to belong to a community. With the hectic rat race of work always encroaching on family life, it makes many potential buyers yearn for the days of knowing all your neighbours by name, along with the convenience of lock-up and go.
Adding to the sense of community is the inevitable creation of online communities via Facebook and Whatsapp where like-minded individuals share issues that concern the collective.
A solid investment
For the discerning investor, the idea of an investment property within a security estate should be seen as a relatively sound investment. There is a general consensus in the real estate industry that prospective buyers looking to own a house within a walled community can expect to pay up 30% more for a home as opposed to its freestanding counterpart, and that they usually make for better rental income generators.
Hassle-free living
Another plus would be hassle-free property ownership due to the existence of the estate’s body corporate. The body corporate usually handles maintenance with regards to roads, gardens and overall area landscaping. They also provide a style guide that keeps your property in tune with the look and feel of the estate.
Maintenance inside your property boundaries can also be taken care of with minimal fuss as bodies corporate usually have a list of preferred suppliers that work comprehensively with the style guides, as well as level of workmanship that is expected.
Access to amenities
In the age of convenience security estates are increasingly going out of their way to provide as many amenities as possible to residents. Security estates can offer tennis courts, communal swimming pools, park areas, laundromats and even walking trails.
All of this is regularly maintained by the body corporate, so you never have to worry about the pool being green or the park turning into a health hazard for the kids. More South Africans are happy to pay for the increased convenience and safety that security estates have to offer.
Increased security
Some security estates come standard with security features such as 24-hour estate security, including boundary fences, guards and manned booms.
Gated communities have the benefit of access control, security patrols and properly maintained walls and fences. There is also the added security of knowing that no one will enter the estate without the knowledge of a security guard at a manned entrance. As a courtesy and part of protocol, you as the home owner will be informed and asked to clear the guest before he or she proceeds.