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R4,7 m fraud – traffic officials face charges


At least 14 officials from the Department of Transport and Community Safety are facing criminal charges after the department’s Anti-Fraud and Corruption Unit uncovered alleged of R4,7 million at various district offices recently.
Three officials have already been dismissed and ten resigned following the investigations while another is currently attending disciplinary hearings, according to departmental spokesperson Joshua Kwapa.
In a press statement issued by Kwapa he indicated that investigations were launched after the department noted a continuous decrease in revenue at various traffic stations at district offices. It is alleged that contravention officers, traffic officers and revenue officers who collect postal orders would allegedly redeem the postal orders without depositing the money into the department’s bank account. It was further discovered that some officials reportedly reduced amounts on the summons even though the traffic offenders have sent the correct amount via postal orders. Traffic officers would allegedly then use the balance for their own benefit. It was revealed that these criminal activities started as far back as 2009, Kwapa said.
Transport and Community Safety MEC Nandi Ndalane welcomed the breakthrough and hailed the Anti-fraud and Corruption Unit for their hard work and the tenacity they displayed throughout the investigation. “As a department we condemn and despise fraud and corruption. We do not tolerate officials who abuse their positions of responsibility and use them to steal tax payers’ money,” she reportedly said.
She warned that the department will continue to investigate any acts of corruption and that offenders will face the full might of the law.

Story: RC Myburgh