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Puzzling incident leads to investigation into smash at convenience store


A puzzling incident during which four vehicles were reportedly involved in an accident(s) on the forecourt of a service station in Fauna Park in the early hours of last Sunday, has fixed the attention on a prominent security company whose representative is reportedly among the drivers at the centre of an investigation into ensuing charges of driving under the influence of liquor and reckless and negligent driving.
Initial information pointed at one vehicle only that was allegedly involved in the incident, but upon further investigation the apparent involvement of another three drivers in three separate vehicles in a crash on the same premises around the same time were alluded to.

The interior of the shop after the smash.

Polokwane Police spokesperson Lesiba Ramoshaba informed Polokwane Observer that the case was under investigation after an incident that occurred last Sunday around 20:15. The matter was expected to serve on the roll of the Polokwane Magistrates Court on 12 December, he said.
Ramoshaba mentioned that blood samples of all four drivers allegedly involved had been taken on the scene and it would form part of the ongoing investigation.
A reliable source who was approached said the incident apparently occurred last Sunday at approximately 02:00 when the driver of a vehicle seemingly accelerated upon entering the forecourt of the service station from Thabo Mbeki Street. Referring to the Police report, the source said the driver of a Mercedes Benz Viano had allegedly lost control over the vehicle and drove into the frontal facade of the shop.
Damages to the side wall of the building, a window pane and the ATM cubicle are estimated at around R300 000. According to information, operations at the convenience store were unaffected while the damages still have to be repaired.

The photo depicts damages to the vehicle.

The investigation of the story put Polo­kwane Observer on the trail of a prominent local security company whose one representative was being named in this instance. When a company director was approached for comment, his wife offered clarification on account of him being out of the province. She said the vehicle had been driven by her husband’s driver. According to her she had been on the scene of the accident between 02:00 and 04:00 that morning and that there has been no reason for the accident taking place, adding that it just happened.
Ramoshaba requested anyone who can assist with providing information on the accident to contact investigating officer Selolo on
076 463 8392.