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Chairperson of PSG Group, Jannie Mouton. (Photo: supplied)

PSG Group founder addresses local business community


The Polokwane business community had a rare opportunity to attend a seminar at which founder and Chairperson of PSG Group, Jannie Mouton shared some of the lessons that he had learnt in his career.
PSG Wealth Polokwane financial advisers, Gerhard Mare and André Naudé, hosted the seminar.
Francois Gouws, CEO of PSG Konsult attended the event and addressed guests on market volatility and how PSG is positioned to respond.
Mouton started his presentation recalling how he was fired from a company that he started at the age of 48 and proceeded to share the lessons that he had learnt in the 21 years since he lost his job. These included finding balance in life, building a network of trust, and focusing on the positive. He also emphasised loyalty and team work.
Mouton explained that the market will always return to its long-term average. “This is why knowledge is power. You have to read, read and read in order to stay informed and be prepared.”
Many of the lessons that he had learnt revolve around planning, sticking to a plan, monitoring said plan and executing the plan with fine-tuned precision. He also spoke at length about the importance of integrity and transparency in every detail of a business.
According to Mouton, the future of South Africa is not as gloomy as people would like to believe and he admonished guests not to speak negatively about the country, but rather give thanks for living in a country with such great promise.
He ended with three important life lessons; never spend when you can save, always give back to the community, and never put all your eggs in one basket. “Think of diversifying like insurance on a house. Do you believe your house is going to burn down? Of course not, but when the unthinkable does happen, you will have something to fall back on. PSG consultants Mare and Naudé are available locally to help clients to plan appropriately, manage their wealth, remain objective and invest by following international investment rules,” he explained.