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Footage published last week of two thugs grabbing a motorist’s cell phone just after he had stopped at a traffic light on the corner of Grobler and Schoeman streets about two weeks ago.

Police warn about hotspots for cellphone grabbers


After Polokwane Observer published an article relating to an incident where a motorist’s cell phone was grabbed through his open window in the central business district of Polokwane, another resident fell victim to thugs in a similar incident in Landdros Maré Street on Friday.
The latest victim was also driving with his window rolled down and stopped at traffic light while talking on his phone. Within seconds he was approached, distracted and his cell phone grabbed.
According to information Market Street has become the latest hotspot for thugs targeting motorists for the sake of grabbing cell phones. A source indicated that Rissik, Landdros Maré, Devenish, Grobler, Schoeman and Hans van Rensburg streets were commonly known for similar criminal activities and that Market Street over the past week allegedly experienced an increase in such occurrences.
Police once again warned motorists to keep their windows closed and doors locked when travelling in the central business district of Polokwane.
Police earlier requested members of the public to install a tracking application on their cell phones in order to lead Police to the device and possibly the suspect.

Story: RC Myburgh