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Madelein Pie­naar takes aim at the targets with a 10-22 semi-automatic rifle. Time keeper Pieter Wentzel looks on.

Pin Extreme Polokwane hosts shooting day


Pin Extreme Polokwane hosted a successful shooting day at the Polokwane range that was attended by 38 participants on Saturday.
Pin shooting is a sport for all ages and shots are taken with pistols or revolvers at used ten pin bowling skittles positioned on a table at a distance of 7,6 m.
“In the tip-over category the winner is the contestant that tips over the most targets within 40 seconds, using an unlimited number of rounds.”
“In the 5-pin full table category, the targets have to be shot off the table and firearms from .357 to .44 magnum are used to provide the required impact,” explained Jaco van den Heever, range officer for the event, and added that the 8-pin forced reload category, where participants use a revolver with six rounds in the cylinder and take shots at eight targets that have to be hit, while cylinders are reloaded once, is very popular. There are also categories for carry guns, shotguns and .22 guns.
No winners were announced as it was a friendly event.

Story and photos: BARRY VILJOEN

Beginner Jayden Roodt is monitored by club member, Madelein Pienaar, as he aims for the skittles.