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Casper Vorster jr at the Range Rover Velar designed to turn heads.

Perfect vehicle for long journeys


Taking in consideration the wide variety of ve­hicles available, one aspect is evident: fuel con­sumption plays a major role in making the decision of which vehicle to use on the long road.
Keeping high speeds out of the picture, most sales personnel were of the opinion that good music or talkative companions are the best way to shorten a long journey.
Mazda CX-5
In the Mazda CX-5 it is all about comfort, spaciousness and reliability, according to BB Mazda Polokwane Sales Executive Henk Pelser.
Mazda CX-5 offers not only sophisticated technology to make the drive most comfortable, it also provides innovation to make the impossible, possible. “The CX-5 is light on fuel and designed with detail in mind and speed and grace is the unique combination that defines the core of the vehicle. It is bold, elegant and mature and sets a new standards for the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) class,” Pelser said.
Even though it has been a while since he took a long journey he suggest good music and cruise control to make any trip memorable.
Isuzu KB250 Fleetside
No fancy double cab nor sleek sedan would complete the job for Westvaal Polokwane Sales Manager Johnny Mokoena like the Isuzu KB250 Fleetside single cab.
Isuzu has proven its dependability over the past 80 years and Mokoena indicated that even though it is a plain everyday workhorse, the Fleetside offers comfortable seats and a reliable engine. “No matter how long the journey and even if you have to travel on gravel or tar surfaces, comfortable seats ensure that you do not get tired easily. Visiting a fuel station is also limited on the KB250.”
Mokoena said he recently drove to Durban with a similar bakkie and did not have to refuel once and still had some fuel left to explore KwaZulu-Natal’s capital.
Range Rover Velar
The looks of the recently launched Range Rover Velar are more than enough reason for Land Rover Polokwane Sales Executive Casper Vorster jr to take a long journey with.
There is no beating around the bush when it comes to the design of the Velar – its elegant sides and exemplary range of standard features such as deployable flush door handles and integrated rear spoiler all improve aerodynamic efficiency, while the foil-stamped grille gives the vehicle‘s front profile an undeniable presence. No wonder the Velar was voted best selling luxury SUV in South Africa for 2017.
“It is a looker and draws attention everywhere it goes. Besides the looks it offers sophisticated luxury features for not only the driver to enjoy but also to ensure the safety of all occupants. The Velar has so much to offer you’d never get bored on the long road,” he said.
He once had to travel with a friend in Nissan NP200 bakkie from Plettenberg Bay to Polokwane within one day with sheep carcass on the back and was definitely his most memorable long journey and said any road is shortened when travelling with awesome people and great tunes. When travelling alone he is quick to sing along in order to limit time spent on the road.
Jaguar F-Pace
Sales Executive at Jaguar Polokwane, Cindy Sha­bangu recalls a recently trip to Nelspruit via Lydenburg and the Long Tom Pass in the Jaguar F-Pace. “The stability of the vehicle around sharp bends in the road, makes one feel safe at all times. Quick acceleration is also a feature most appreciated in the F-Pace combined with stunning luxury and safety features which create a sense that you are always in control.”
She recently took clients to Sandton and they were astonished by the vehicle’s performance, spacious interior comfortability and fuel consumption, according to her. Choosing the F-Pace as her choice for a long journey she mentioned that though the vehicle offers much features to shorten a long road, she suggest proper route planning and regular resting periods to avoid getting frustrated.
If you are in the market for a new vehicle and haven’t decided on whether you want a new vehicle with looks or top-class luxury and safety features or just one with a history of reliability, contact the local dealerships for advice in making the right decision.

Story and photos: RC Myburgh

Henk Pelser at the Mazda CX-5.

Not a man for bells and whistles but rather reliability, Johnny Mokoena at the Isuzu KB250 Fleetline.

Cindy Shabangu’s first choice – the Jaguar F-Pace.