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Left: Charles Chialana, an alleged accomplice in the Mahjebeen Patel murder case escaped from custody on Monday morning. Right: Steven Rasenakana also escaped on Monday.

Patel murder case – accomplice on the run


Police are still unable to give any further information on Charles Chialana, an alleged accomplice in the murder of Mahjebeen Patel in September, after he and two others escaped from the Polokwane Police holding cells early Monday morning.
Patel’s son, Rameez is also kept in custody pending his bail application in the Polokwane Magistrate’s Court in connection with her alleged murder.
Provincial Police Spokesperson Moatshe Ngoe­pe said Chialana, who is allegedly linked to the murder of Mahjebeen, was recently arrested during ongoing investigations and has appeared in court.
No previous indication was given by the Police that an accomplice was arrested in connection with the case.
Chialana, Steven Rasenakana and Peter Moyo were detained on charges of house robbery and contravention of the Immigration Act respectively. The suspects allegedly escaped after cutting through the roof of the exercise area of the holding cells. No rearrests have been made yet. Anyone with information can contact Richard Boshomane on 084 322 1341.

Story: RC Myburgh