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Jonny and Gerald Williams struggle to make their way over a steep incline.

Off-road drivers go over steep inclines for good cause


Local 4×4 off-road drivers participated in a mini challenge during a family fun day at Limpopo 4×4 Club on Saturday in order to raise funds for one of their fellow club members, Antonette Jordaan who will soon be competing abroad in various sporting codes.
One of the organisers, Essie van Staden said some drivers displayed their best driving skills in three different categories being standard, modified and super modified. She further said the gathering was for Limpopo 4×4 Club members to assist Jordaan to raise funds for her trip.
Jordaan was selected as a member of the South African Masters Athletics team after the recent SA Masters Championships held in Bloemfontein. She will from 27 June to 7 July attend coaching workshops and participate in shot-put, discus, weight throw, javelin and hammer throw in Italy, Switzerland and Germany. She stated that she was in need of sponsorship to be able to participate and needed at least R40 000. Jordaan will be accompanied by Rinelda van der Linde, one of the athletes coached by her. Van der Linde will need similar sponsorship if she goes.
This is not the only international competition Jordaan is looking forward to. She is also expected to participate at the World Masters Athletics Championships in the aforementioned sporting codes in Spain from 4 to 16 September and she needs at least R47 000. She said they have been running a number of projects in the city to raise funds and thanked everyone who continues to support their initiatives. Jordaan went on to thank Limpopo 4×4 Club for affording them an opportunity to sell food and drinks during the mini challenge.

Story and photos: ENDY SENYATSI

Bernard Radmore and Marco Kreer were part of the 4×4 Mini challenge on Saturday.

Billy Pistorius concentrates hard to manoeuvre his vehicle over a ditch.

Rinelda van der Linde and Antonette Jordaan sell food and drinks during the 4×4 mini challenge to raise funds for their trip abroad.