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Groblar Heyman accuses the Department of Home Affairs of negligence.

No help for ID theft victim


Westenburg resident Groblar Heyman (40) is accusing the Department of Home Affairs of negligence and putting his future on hold after the department allegedly failed to investigate and arrest the person who uses his identity document (ID) to cross a border.
He claims that someone has been using his ID to cross a border since 2007 and he reported the matter to the department in the same year but nothing has been done ever since. Heyman said he is always requested to fill in new forms every time he enquires about the status of his case.
“My biggest concern is that I cannot marry the woman I love until the matter has been resolved. Home Affairs officials take me from pillar to post when I ask about the progress of my case. I am getting tired of these games,” he explained.
He further said he applied for a smart ID card in December 2015 but never got it. Heyman paid R140 for the ID and was allegedly told that he would receive it within two to three weeks after his application. He claims that his application was filed with those of other immigrants and this might possibly mean Home Affairs regards him as a foreigner. Home Affairs Provincial manager Thifhelimbilu Matshaya said they were busy with investigations and they can only reveal the findings as soon as the investigation team completes a report.

Story & photo: ENDY SENYATSI