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Nirvana, Superbia remain economic growth centres


With enterprises that cater for a wide range of clients and customers, both Nirvana and Superbia has become invaluable centres of progress and growth in Polokwane.
Features like diversity in services, dedicated and specialised services and products to address specific needs, and roads that are easily accessed and navigated contribute to the allure of this booming area.
Gilani Tile Warehouse
Gilani Tile Warehouse first opened their doors in the city in 2012 and their name has become synonymous with quality, style and value for money.
On 12 November 2014 the Gilani team opened the concept showroom at 68 Nelson Mandela Drive where customers can view their products in an actual setting and discuss the concepts and products with the knowledgeable assistants to recreate homes and rejuvenate living spaces. With advice and tips on how to achieve the look they want, customers are assured of the best possible outcome at the best possible price.
Owner Sarfaraaz Hassim says he is very proud of what they have achieved and that Gilani Tile Warehouse will see some thrilling changes soon.
“We are moving our whole operation to our current concept showroom situated at 68 Nelson Mandela Drive. The showroom will be expanded to be four times bigger than the one in Iran Avenue and we will have all our wares under one roof for the customers’ convenience,” he explains.
“We are also opening a new store in Magna Via and encourage our customers to look out for the opening date.”
Visit Gilani Tile Warehouse at 11 Iran Avenue in Nirvana, or see what the concept showroom has to offer at 68 Nelson Mandela Drive. Contact the Gilani team on 015 292 5895.
Sea Land Electric Pumps Polokwane
Sea Land pumps are more than just pumps. This company respects the environment by getting the most from available energy and reducing the client’s carbon footprint. They do this through a combination of much improved reliability and greater energy savings with the best electrical efficiency available on the market today.
Highly qualified technicians, using constantly updated and the latest projecting and testing software, are able to develop very innovative products of high performance and especially of long term reliability.
Sea Land’s aim is to provide high quality pumps at affordable prices to a range of various areas within the agricultural sector; from domestic pumps to large scale industrial pumps for drainage operations or solid waste removal.
They also have domestic pressure boost kits, vertical pumps, borehole pumps and diesel pumps to suit just about any need.
Sea Land Polokwane is the sole importer and distributor of the Sea Land product range and related products. Sea Land SRI in Italy has been well known for producing top quality pumping solutions for the past 20 years and Polokwane residents have access to the excellence that this company offers through Sea Land Polokwane.
Visit Sea Land Electric Pumps Polokwane at 44 Agaat Street or call them on 087 150 2772 or 015 292 0519.
Paint Pot Polokwane
With 20% discount on all craft and student acrylic paints, no artist or parent can miss out on Paint Pot Polokwane’s February Madness sale.
The Prominent Paints dealer has been a part of the Polokwane landscape for 12 years now and customers are assured of quality products, friendly service and spot-on advice.
The store offers motor vehicle paint brands such as Kapci and Luxor as well as a wide range of panel beating equipment.
They also boast a range of art supplies that include Dala and Windsor Newton products. Here the avid crafter and artist can buy material paint, craft sets, easels, canvasses as well as acrylic and oil paints to name a few.
Paint Pot Polokwane has some incredible offers on paint products such as 1? white Select water based primer at only R59 and 20? white acrylic Primalex paint at only R299. They also offer top class advice from well trained and knowledgeable personnel.
Visit Paint Pot Polokwane on the corner of Nikkel and Kobalt streets in Nirvana or contact them on 015 292 6196.
Car Service City Polokwane
The Car Service City franchise opened in March 2015 in Polokwane under the capable management of PW Griesel and has recently been named New Franchisee of the Year after showing growth of 92% within its first year of business.
They were also named one of the top three Car Service City franchises in South Africa when it comes to customer service.
Car Service City Polokwane specialises in affordable service and repairs of all makes of cars and bakkies. The company believes that their principal assets are their employees and reputation. Therefore they are committed to maintaining a culture of integrity and strong business principles.
A major service from Car Service City entails new spark plugs (non platinum), points and condensers, a new in-line plastic fuel filter, a new air filter, a new oil filter, new engine oil, an electrical check and report, adjustment of the hand brake, testing of brakes, a battery check, a V-belt check, a car wash and vacuum, a 62-point check and a report on defects found.
The customer will be informed of additional repair work required and no additional work is undertaken without the customer’s prior consent.
Visit Car Service City at 29 Nikkel Street or contact them on 015 590 1205.
Stafix Electric Fences and Security Centres Polokwane
Customers are ensured of quality service at this South African owned company that is committed to providing customers with a quality range of imported and locally-manufactured products that meet all security requirements.
Stafix Electric Fences and Security Centres Polokwane has its own in-house technical personnel in order to offer fast and efficient after-sales repair service. They also have access to an extensive network of accredited installers should customers require electric fences, gate motors, intercom systems, Roboguard systems or CCTV systems installed.
Stafix Electric Fences and Security Centres Polokwane offers a comprehensive range of electric fencing products to meet all possible security, wildlife, agric or equestrian requirements.
They are also an exclusive distributor of the Roboguard range of wireless perimeter beams and accessories and offer a comprehensive range of CCTV, gate automation and access control products and accessories.
For all security needs visit Stafix at 9 Suez Street or call them on 015 292 6473.

Story and photos: MARKI FRANKEN

Featured photo: The traffic circle welcomes visitors to Polo­kwane at the South Western entrance of the city.

Paint Pot Polokwane offers 20% discount on all craft and student acrylic paints in February.

The heartbeat of the community.

Sea Land Electric Pumps Polokwane aims to provide high quality pumps at affordable prices.

Gilani Tile Warehouse’s concept showroom situated at 68 Nelson Mandela Drive is being revamped and extended in order to house all operations under one roof.

Stafix Electric Fences and Security Centres Polokwane offers a comprehensive range of electric fencing products to meet all possible security, wildlife, agric or equestrian requirements.