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New Lexus RC 200 – striking dynamics with agile performance


When it comes to Lexus there are little other manufacturers capable of creating stunning looking vehicles which comes standard with all the bells and whistles with top class luxury and safety features.
The recent addition to the Lexus line-up is the RC model which stands out from any crowd with its sporty looks and a high performance powertrain eager to deliver. The exterior of the Lexus RC ensures agile performance while a new triangular design complements the symbolic Lexus L-shaped motif front and rear combination lamps. A wide stance and low centre of gravity come together thanks to a wider spindle grill, wide bumper corners and front flares as well as a low-set bumper peak. Its striking 10-spoke, 19 inch aluminium alloy wheels feature prominent wheel arches that highlig


ht large diameter tyres and accentuate the Lexus RC’s profile. The RC keeps things steady with double wishbone suspension in the front and multi-link suspension in the rear, assisted by aero-stabilising fins on the rear bumper corners. With a sleek coupé body style design that boasts sculpted lines and a wide, low stance, the Lexus RC was designed from the ground up to seamlessly blend eye-catching design with breath-taking performance.
The moment one set foot inside the Lexus RC the influence of highly-acclaimed, sports concept vehicles is evident. A purpose-built Lexus first-lighting package illuminates upwards, rather than downwards, enveloping the cabin. For the meticulous stitching and black or topaz leather trim, to the heated and ventilated front seats, the Lexus RC was designed to give you a ride that is luxurious as it is thrilling.
The driver’s cockpit is divided to into operational and display zones. The upper zone houses the instrument panel and a navigation screen while a layered centre console integrates a new Lexus first Remote Touch Interface. This system employs Intuitive Touch-Sensitive Design using familiar smart phone finger commands to control audio while the navigation system can be voice activated. The unique new control interface was developed to amplify the tactile feedback of the Lexus RC’s driving experience. Cabin lighting reflects upwards to bathe the interior with striking illumination. The seats utilise an integrated foaming construction method – much like racing seat moulding – to ensure optimum occupant comfort and support. The three-spoke steering wheel with Electronic Power Steering (EPS) sets the tone for a unique interior that features an analogue clock and steering switch that enables you to operate and display information at your fingertips.
Lexus never compromise when it comes to safety and boasts some exciting features. Lane Keeping Assist uses a camera mounted behind the rear view mirror to help monitor the driver’s position in the the driving lane and warns him if he inadvertently drift out of it. Automatic High Beam uses the same camera to switch to low beam when the lights of oncoming or preceding vehicles are detected.
The Lexus RC features a Vehicle Dynamic Integrated Management (VDIM) system that is designed to predict and take steps to help prevent a loss of traction even before it occurs by using a combination of throttle control, individual wheel braking and steering torque assistance. The VDIM system adds a vertical G-sensor to provide greater vehicle stability.
The Lexus RC is available in a 200t or a 350 F Sport. The RC 200 sports a 180 kW at 5 800 of power and 350 Nm of torque. The 350 F Sport’s V6 delivers a massive 233 kW of torque at 6 400 rpm and 378 Nm of torque at 4 800 rpm. Both models are powered with an eight-speed automatic gearbox.
For more information on the Lexus RC visit Lexus Polokwane at 204 Tagore Street, Nirvana or contact them on 015 292 9500.

Story and photos: RC Myburgh