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Heidi Schoute-Canneck, Master Science Development Manager hands the Recognition for Excellence Award to Claudia Wartington, owner of Master Maths Polokwane at the Master Maths and Master Science National Conference recently. (photo supplied)

Master Maths Polokwane recognised for excellence in science


Education campaigner Rita Pierson once said every child needs a champion. The personnel at Master Maths Polokwane fulfil that role every day and were recently rewarded for their dedication when the Master Science division of this education franchise won a Recognition for Excellence Award during the Master Maths and Master Science National Conference in Pretoria.
Owner Claudia Wartington says the Master Science team feels blessed to receive this award for the progress that they made during 2016. She thanked the tutors, administrative personnel and management for their contributions to this success.
Centre Manager Elwin Mussman says Science Tutors Karina Botha and Peet van Moltke worked very hard and deserved to be recognised for the work that they put in.
Botha said her main task was to help learners regain their confidence and a positive attitude towards Physical Science. “If a learner suddenly experiences a drop in grades, it can be very disheartening, but more often than not it just means that they have missed something small. Science is like a house, if you miss just one building block, the whole house falls down,” she explains.
“At Master Maths we always go to the root of the problem and pick up the pieces that were dropped somewhere along the way,” Wartington adds.
Van Moltke says he ascribes the Master Science division of Master Maths Polokwane’s success to top class client service. “Our students are the focus and top priority in everything that we do.”
Master Maths Polokwane tutors Physical Science, Mathematics, Math Literacy, Technical Maths and have helped students who follow the Cambridge syllabus in the past.
“We will soon be able to assist Technical Science learners too and our head office is working on the Cambridge Math syllabus that will soon be complete. We have occasionally assisted maths teachers to work through sections that they were not familiar with and they have found the Master Maths system very helpful,” Wartington concludes.


Peet van Moltke and Karina Botha, Physical Science Tutors at Master Maths Polokwane, and Elwin Mussman, Centre Manager, show off the Recognition for Excellence Award that will take its place among the many other awards on the wall behind them. (photo Marki Frankent)