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Manufacturers disturb residential peace


The noise produce by power tools and other equipment used by illegally operated manufacturing businesses in the residential area of Flora Park have residents up in arms as they are tired of having their peace disturbed. The situation seems to be especially dire in Hauptfleisch Street.
Complainants who spoke on a condition of anonymity, informed Polokwane Observer that the peace was being disturbed by noise from two manufacturing companies and a yard that has been turned into a park and sell spot.
A source indicated that the manufacturing of window and door frames starts in the wee hours of the morning and the tools used in the process make a lot of noise. It was further learnt that another manufacturing company started in the area recently also uses power and other tools that generate lots of noise. The sources went on to highlight that many students reside in the area and that they find it near impossible to study as the noise lasts for hours.
“First it was the issue of noise caused by a group of young soccer players accommodated in one of the houses in the area. The matter was dealt with but now we are bothered by manufacturers. These businesses bring a lot of new faces to the area and this threatens residents’ safety. We just can’t rest in peace. I lodged a complaint with the Polokwane Municipality a while ago and I hope something will be done because we can’t have businesses operating in a residential area. I have been staying in Flora Park since 1994 and people must just deal with the fact that this is a residential area not a business zone,” the source explained.
Another source argued that such activities have a negative impact on the value of property if one decides to sell theirs and went on to insist that the municipality must at all times ensure that by-laws are adhered to by all the residents.
Comment from Polokwane Municipality Spokesperson, Thipa Selala was still awaited at the time of going to print.