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Lleyton Lira takes the lead in the 500 cc class with Tyler Reyneke in hot pursuit.

Local MotoX riders excel in first round of Lim series


The first of six rounds of the annual MotoX Limpopo Series was hosted at Capricorn Racing Club just outside Polokwane on Saturday which offered some adrenaline rushing dirt biking for riders and spectators alike.
The event is presented in six rounds of which two will be hosted in Polokwane and the rest in Mbombela and Phalaborwa respectively. Riders battled it out in eleven classes on a track offering challenging jumps, dust and mud.
Local rider Janneman Potgieter once again did not disappoint by finishing first in the Flat Track Open class and a third overall position in the MX1 class.
Ryan Terblanche finished first in the 125 cc class and a third place in the Flat Track Open class. Ian Rudiger earned himself a second place in the 125 cc class while Mark Anthony Fillip achieved gold in the Pro Mini class.

Story and photos: RC Myburgh

Results for the first round of the annual MotoX Limpopo Series

Flat Track Veterans

  1. Darrel Lehamn
  2. Warren Laubser
  3. Ray Fundz

Flat Track Open

  1. Janneman Potgieter
  2. Ekhard van Heerden
  3. Ryan Terblanche


  1. Ruben Aucamp
  2. Tyron Beverly
  3. Janneman Potgieter


  1. Tristan Schoeman
  2. Pieta Venter

MX3 Veterans

  1. Brendan Raubenheimer
  2. Donovan Raubenheimer
  3. Sean Collins

MX3 Master

  1. Darrel Lehman
  2. Trevor Hills
  3. Mark Beverly


  1. Warren Laubser
  2. Steve Schoeman

125 cc

  1. Ryan Terblanche
  2. Ian Rudiger

Pro Mini

  1. Mark Anthony Fillip

80 cc Junior

  1. Pieter Keartland
  2. Jaydee Reynke

50 cc

  1. Lleyton Lira
  2. Tyler Ryneke

3. Sebastian Albors

Local rider Janneman Potgieter becomes airborne after hitting an obstacle. He claimed first place in the Flat Track Open and a third place in the MX1 class.

Warren Laubser speeds downhill and finishes first in the Support class. He finished second in the Flat Track Veterans class.

Reuben Aucamp claims victory in the MX1 class.